The Ion Linac Systems Team

  • Bill Hartman - President & CEO
  • President/CEO of Several Successful Startups
  • Two Successful VC Investor Exits
  • VP/GM of US Fortune 200 Business Unit
  • Don Swenson - Chief Scientist
  • Recognized Linear Accelerator Expert
  • 20 Years at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 14 Patents for Accelerator and Beam Diagnostics
  • Past Founder and CEO of Linac Systems, LLC
  • Tim Pressnall - Director of Operations
  • Over 30 Years Engineering and Project Management of
    Complex, High-Energy Systems
  • Lead Engineer and Project Manager for the Special Projects
    group at Air Force Phillips Research Site
  • 2 Electro-Optic Patents
  • Mark S. Curtin, Ph.D. – Chief Engineer
  • 40 years of experience – system engineering, research, development, and project management for high-power accelerator and laser systems and subsystems (Free Electron Laser, Thin-Disk Laser, Ultrashort Pulse Photocathode Drive Laser, High Power RF Amplifier, 6 MeV Computer Tomography System, Pure-Permanent-Magnet undulators, Ultra-Low-Noise Focal Plane Array, Reaction Product Mass Separator)
  • Extensive Project Management Experience - Large, DoD development contracts
  • 20 years at Boeing, 8 years at Rockwell, 10 years at National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab (MSU)
  • 4 patents, 40+ publications