Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) Linac


Ion Linac Systems RFQ linac is an extremely efficient RF accelerating structure for low-energy ions. The rippled four bar configuration provides simultaneous forward linear acceleration and strong quadrupole focusing by alternating the voltage as the RF field switches at the resonant frequency of the cavity. Additionally, the RFQ has excellent beam bunching capabilities, making it ideal as a first-stage accelerator.

The RFQ was designed from the ground up to handle high duty factors, all the way up to 100% (CW) and relatively high currents (up to 30 mA). These capabilities, along with the possibility of neutron production when paired with Ion Linac Systems's RFI structure and/or Lithium Target, make the RFQ well suited to a large number of applications.

RFQ Specifications

  • Standard beam energy*: 0.75 MeV/u
  • Maximum beam current: 30 mA
  • Maximum duty factor: 100%
  • Accelerated particles: any charged ions

    *Higher energies best achieved by coupling RFQ with RFI due to RFI efficiency.

For more RFQ technical background, click here.

Deuteron RFQ linac at customer site.
Deuteron RFQ linac at customer site.