RFQ Accelerators

Our Rf Focused Quadrupole (RFQ) accelerators have excellent low energy efficiency and can be used alone or coupled to our RFI structure for a higher energy beam. Our standard RFQ design produces a beam of 0.75 MeV protons at either pulsed or CW duty.
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RFI Accelerators

Our patented Rf Focused Interdigital (RFI) linac structure offers final beam energies of 2 to 12 MeV/u with currents up to 30 mA at pulsed or CW duty. The structure is more compact than competing structures and offers unmatched efficiencies.
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Ion Sources

Our high-brightness microwave ion sources produce up to 30 mA of protons in the 20 to 30 kV range on a pulsed or CW basis. Coupled with our magnetic or electrostatic lens low energy beam transport (LEBT) system, this ion source is ideal for use with our RFQ and RFI linacs.
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Solid Lithium Targets

Our neutron-producing lithium target produces high fluxes of epithermal neutrons from high current proton beams. Super efficient cooling allows the target to be used in CW applications, such as accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT).
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